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Since 1983 Flow Fabrication has been involved in the production of Flow Trace™ pipe heaters. A Flow Fab employee pioneered the production technology of Flow Trace™ years ago.


Superior heat transfer and less maintenance than tube tracers is one of the major benefits of Flow Trace™. Steam, hot water or hot oil is conveyed through the Flow Trace™ pipe heaters and heat from the medium is transferred to the pipe that the Flow Trace heater pipe is clamped to.The material used in the fabrication of Flow Trace™ is a 2 inch width ASTM A513 tubing. The ASTM A513 tubing has a standard pressure rating of 300psi @ 600 °F. The manufacturing process at Flow Fab allows for a radius to be produced in the top of the tube which allows for a tight fit to the circular pipe the Flow Trace is clamped to. The radius on the A513 tubing increases surface area contact and enhances heat transfer to the pipe it is clamped to. Flow Trace™ can be bolt clamped or banded to the pipe to be heated. Thermal compound installed between the Flow Trace™ and pipe to be heated and insulation surrounding the assembly serve to maximize heat transfer and minimize heat loss.
Connections: Ends of this specially formed tubing are capped and half couplings are installed for the inlet and outlet. Standard inlet and outlet connections are 3/4 inch 3000# FNPT half couplings. Other connections are available including socket weld and flanged. Flexible jumpover hoses are utilized at flange and valve connections. All units are pressure tested prior to shipment. Lengths of 6” to 20 ‘ are available.


  •  Lower cost than Jacketed pipe.
  •  Increased heat transfer over tube tracing.
  •  Easy to install on existing pipe systems.
  •  Eliminates potential for cross contamination between process and heating medium.
  •  No Maintenance required.

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