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Flow Fabrication has been in the business of providing industrial process heat components since 1982. We strive for quality, delivery, and commitment follow through in every aspect of our business. Some of our products include heat jackets for a variety of valves, pumps, vents, flow meters and other components involving factory, resin, sulfur and gas and oil processes. We manufacture heat jackets with Carbon Steel, 304LSS and 316LSS.

We also manufacture flex hose with insulation available and jacketed piping to customer specifications. We offer Flow Trace clamp on heaters for customers requiring heat added to their piping to ensure proper flow of their process. We have some of the best fabricators, pipe fitters and welders in the business with extensive years of experience.

Please call us today for a quote and we will do our best to save your company money and reduce your operating costs. Many  types of Fabrication are available, please inquire. We offer x-ray services, mil reports on materials used and certified TIG welds. Pressure testing on our products is typical of all valves jackets and work completed. Mediocrity is not something we relate to as we strive to offer over and above our customers requirements and expectations.  Rain, snow, or floods typically do not stop us from providing delivery to you.  We get the job done knowing you or your customers are counting on us.

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Flow Fabrication
1211 McAlway Rd
Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704-374-1766

Jacketed Valves, Steam Trace, Flow Trace, Flex Hose, Bolt on Jackets, Jacketed Pipe, High Pressure Hose,

Weld On Jackets, Partial Jackets, Jacketed Pumps, Jumpover Hose and Specials.

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