Jacketed Hose

Jacketed metal hose assemblies consist of an inner (core) hose, and a larger diameter (outer jacket) hose. The assembly is flexible, formed from corrugated metal (normally stainless steel), with an outer wire braid. Connections are provided on the jacket to convey steam, hot water, or hot oil, heating viscous fluids inside the core hose. Depending on size and material, you can handle pressures to 1,800 psig, temperatures to 1,500°F.

Applications include tanker or rail car unloading, unions, or other.
Jacketed metal hose assemblies can be used for misalignment correction in piping systems, vibration absorption, and compensation for thermal growth.  We also fabricate jacketed expansion joints. Products handled include resins, polymers, sulphur, pitch (asphalt), phthalic anhydride and others.

These assemblies are manufactured to your specifications. We offer a wide variety of diameters (114" x 1" through 24" x 30"), lengths, materials,
connections, ends, and options. Materials include 304, 304L, 321 , 316L stainless steels, and monel. Connections include screwed and socketweld couplings, tube connectors, and flanges. Ends can be threaded, flanged , quick connects, weld ends, unions, or other.
Options include smooth bore liners and insulation.

We have a lot to offer, including design assistance and fast deliveries.


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