Jacket Types

We fabricate jackets for steam and hot oil heating, for ease of handling viscous fluids. All Types: Plug, Ball, Gate, Check, Control , Relief Valves and other piping components, such as Fittings, Pumps, Meters and Pipe.

All Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel and others.

Flow Fab Bolt-On Jacket

These jackets are formed to fit around a valve or other piping system component. Sections (usually 2 pieces) bolt together around the unit, the heating chamber being separate from the unit. Bolt-on Jackets offer full coverage. They can be re-used when the basic valve is replaced. Also, these are ideal for use on valves or other piping components already in your system as they can be installed without removing the unit from service.

Bolt On JacketBolt-On Jacket

Flow Fab Partial Jacket (Type A)

Partial welded jackets cover the center of the valve body, leaving room at the flanges bolt holes for flange bolts and nuts. This is an economical jacket for lower temperature valve services.

Partial Weld On Jacket

Partial Jacket

 Flow Fab Full Jacket, Oversize Flanges (Type B)

 As with oversized flanged piping systems, we weld oversized flanges to the valve (Example: 2" valve with 3" flanges). These jackets give excellent heat coverage with the welded jacket terminating at the back of the flange. Flange face to face dimension is normally that of a valve the size of the oversize flanges (Example: a 2" X 3" valve has the face to face dimension of a 3" valve).  These valve jacket types are typically used with jacketed piping.  For example, the jacketed pipe may have a 2" core with an exterior 3" jacket pipe that will accommodate 4" flanges.

WELD ON 10Full Weld On Jacket

Flow Fab Full Jacket, Line Size Flanges (Type C)

Blind threaded inserts are used inside the flange bolt holes. The full jacket is welded near the outside diameter of the flanges . Face to face dimension stays the same as the base valve dimension. These jackets give full heat coverage while keeping the line size flanges (not oversize).

Specials-Per Customer Request

Specials are standard. We manufacture to your specifications. Options include flanged jacket connections, extra connections, socket weld connections, special face to face dimensions, bonnet jackets, flange jackets extended stems, insulation and actuator mounting pads.

What are your needs? We're versatile! Tell us how you want your jackets. We make them one step at a time. Just let us know if you want some extra steps taken-per your specifications. "Specials" are normal at Flow Fabrication.

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